My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Sets Up Shigaraki's Split From All For One

My Hero Academia Chapter 418 is setting up for Shigaraki's full split from All For One

My Hero Academia is now at a new phase in the fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki, and the newest chapter of the series is setting up for a split between Shigaraki and All For One! The latest chapters of the My Hero Academia manga have been working through the final fight between Deku and Shigaraki, and things have taken a much different turn than expected as Deku has tried his hardest to break through all of Shigaraki's physical and mental defenses to truly connect with the villain one on one. But there's a surprising wrench thrown into things. 

My Hero Academia saw Deku breaking through into Shigaraki's mind as he started to see what made the villain the person he was today. But even in seeing Shigaraki's tragic past, Deku has been pushing himself to truly connect with Shigaraki in order to save him. As the newest chapter of the series saw Deku making a breakthrough with Shigaraki for the first real time, there was also a major wrench in that All For One is still lingering within Shigaraki's body and mind. And the two villains are heading for a split. 

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My Hero Academia: Shigaraki and All For One Split

My Hero Academia Chapter 418 sees Deku making contact with the memory Shigaraki, and it's revealed that the lingering pain within the villain is that he destroys because it's the only way to validate the fact that he has such a destructive quirk. Deku realizes that this was the point where the young Shigaraki was on the border of his transformation as he was dealing with both guilt and grief, and was only met by others who pushed him aside even further. But with Deku reaching out, the two connect on a deeper level. 

But as Shigaraki starts to have a breakthrough, he starts seeing memories that don't belong to him. It's then revealed that this is actually a lasting image of All For One, who despite losing his physical self has maintained sentience deep within Shigaraki's conscience. And with Shigaraki losing his battle of wills to Deku, the villain is now making his move and gearing up to completely take over as the two villains will be pushing back from their merger as it becomes something else entirely. 

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