Rick and Morty Co-Creator Teases "Rebirth" After Season 7

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon teases how Season 7's finale is a "rebirth" for the series

Rick and Morty Season 7 ended with the titular duo reaching a new status quo as characters, and series co-creator Dan Harmon teased how that finale could be seen as a "rebirth" heading into Season 8! Rick and Morty Season 8 is currently in the works for a release some time next year, and there is currently no gauging where the two of them will be heading in the new episodes. With Rick defeating Rick Prime and Morty reaching a new understanding of himself as Season 7 came to an end, the duo is now heading into a new kind of status quo. 

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon opened up to Variety about where Season 7 left the titular duo when it came to an end, and noted how the team wants to continue to balance the inclusion of a serialized narrative while making sure to have fun with its episodic stories. Teasing what is coming in Season 8 of the series, Harmon explained that with the end of some of its major canonical storylines the series is now open to have more ideas spark further serialization down the line. 

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Rick and Morty's Rebirth After Season 7

"There's obviously been a lot of shakeups and transitions that have happened that are luckily coinciding with some of these canonical storylines being resolved," Harmon began. "If I could set a framework for fans of the show, it's the old characters and all these things, but it's like, this is an opportunity for a rebirth. I mean, the kind of canonical things like searching for Rick Prime, these are things that come out of the ether, and then they acquire this gravity, and then they become a canonical serialized story."

Elaborating further, Harmon noted that this "rebirth" means that more of the new random ideas could end up becoming huge canonical storylines of their own, "I think people should expect more random embers shooting off of that fire and turning into organically gigantic serialized things of their own." But still, Harmon is still aiming for episodic stories. "I will always target the episodic personally. Because, like, your job is to fight gravity. And gravity is serialization. That's what happens organically; gravity is a great thing. But you're supposed to want to fly."

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