Smiling Friends Season 2 Finale First Look Released: Watch

Smiling Friends has dropped the first look at Season 2's finale!

Smiling Friends Season 2 is coming to an end next week, and now fans have gotten the first look at what to expect from the season finale! Smiling Friends Season 2 has been much more popular than the first season of the animated series, and that success has led to a third season of the series announced before Season 2 even ends. But while we can look ahead to what could be coming in the next season, first we need to see how Smiling Friends Season 2 ends it all for Pim and the others with one more episode coming to Adult Swim

Smiling Friends Season 2 will be ending with the next episode, and the first look at the finale seems to be setting up yet another Christmas holiday themed outing just like seen with the first season. And just like the first time around, the promo for Smiling Friends Season 2's finale is setting up a wild new introduction with a very ugly snowman brought to life in a surprising way. You can check out the promo for Smiling Friends Season 2 Episode 8 below as spotted by Swimpedia on X. 

How to Watch Smiling Friends Season 2 Episode 8

Smiling Friends Season 2 Episode 8 is titled "Pim Finally Turns Green" and will be premiering with Adult Swim on Sunday, June 23rd at midnight before being made available for streaming with Max the next day if you happen to miss the original broadcast. The synopsis for the episode teases it as such, "Pim mysteriously turns bright green after eating an ancient artifact and his friends and rivals are horrified; they eventually learn to accept and love the new Pim."

If you wanted to check out the first season of Smiling Friends for yourself, along with the previous seven episodes of the newest season so far, you can find all currently available episodes (and "Go to Brazil" special released in between seasons) now streaming with Max (with the first season also available on Blu-ray).

As for what could be coming our way in the final episodes of the season, Adult Swim teases Smiling Friends on a whole as Season 2 as such, "In season two of 'SMILING FRIENDS,' Pim, Charlie, Zongo, Allan and Glep continue their mission to bring happiness to the world, whether it's a washed-up retro video game character, a troubled marriage, or even the president of the United States."