ComicBook Nation's The Pull List: Wonder Woman's Test, Blood Hunt Payback, and More

In this week's The Pull List, we break down this week's biggest books from DC, Marvel, Image, BOOM!, Mad Cave Studios, Zenescope, and more!

A new comic book day is once again upon us, and there is no shortage of fantastic books to choose from. Whether you're into big superhero epics (Superman, Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), introspective character dives (Wonder Woman), edge-of-your-seat horror-tinged adventures (Feral, Something is Killing the Children), or summer-blockbusters (Blood Hunt, Pooh vs Bambi), there's something that will hook you, and we're breaking them all down on this week's new episode of ComicBook Nation's The Pull List, which you can listen to right here. You can also find out the highlights of the week below.

Highlights of the Week

It was a great week overall in terms of quality and fun, but there were a few books that especially stood out, including Wonder Woman #9 and Blood Hunt #2. They couldn't be more different from each other, but that also makes them the perfect one-two punch. Wonder Woman #9 moves the relationship between Diana and Steve Trevor into the spotlight as Diana continues to endure the trials of the Sovereign, and it opens up a host of discussions regarding what Trevor has meant to Wonder Woman in the past, what he means now, and his importance (or perhaps lack thereof) to Wonder Woman's story overall.

Blood Hunt #2 on the other hand is a summer blockbuster at its finest, delivering an action-stuffed issue with real stakes and genuine tension throughout. By the way, the work Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia are creating right now is truly unreal, and the mix of characters and creativity in how they are used is becoming one of the series' strongest elements.

On the complete other side of the summer blockbuster scale is Pooh vs. Bambi #2, an absurdly fun series that has already won over both hosts. While it doesn't have the depth of something like eBlood Hunt, it also doesn't need to, and it leans into its fantastical premise in interesting and often bloody ways.

Speaking of bloody, there's plenty of that in Something is Killing the Children #37, but that's ultimately not why it's one of my favorite issues of the series to date. While the issue is a self-contained tale for the most part, the character pairing of Erica and the girl she is protecting is just brilliant, and their banter and exchanges can't help but make you wish we had more of their adventures to see down the road. That's probably not the case, but even if this is just for one issue, they absolutely steal the show.

Feral does as well, and though it was Janell's introduction to the series, she couldn't help but be swept away in the tension-filled Aristocats meets The Walking Dead adventure. More answers can't come soon enough, and hopefully, some hope lives around the corner after the harrowing journey they've experienced to this point.

Superman also impresses with the fourth chapter of House of Brainiac, once again delivering on previous threads while also moving the characters forward in intriguing ways, all in the midst of a superhero throwdown that looks stunning. Oh, and Queen Brainiac, well, she's something else entirely. You can check out everything we had to say about all this week's books right here, and you can find all of the books we discussed below.

Review Rundown

  • Wonder Woman #9
  • Blood Hunt #2
  • X-Men 97 #3
  • Superman #14
  • Feral #3
  • Something is Killing the Children #37
  • Pooh vs Bambi #2
  • Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong #7
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #120

Trade Watch

Not done yet! Trades also hit this week, and one in particular that deserves some shine is Mad Cave Studios' Edenfrost. The four-issue series can now be read all in one place, and the story of two siblings and a powerful mystical Golem that defends their bloodline offers something very different from anything else on stands. It's a tale of family and magic that you won't want to miss, and you can check out the official description below.

"After losing their parents in a pogrom, teenage siblings Alex and Yuli use the mystical power of a Golem to survive the chaos of the Russian Civil War. In a harrowing journey through war-torn Ukraine, the duo will face the harsh reality of warfare, ethnic bias, and national pride as they fight for their place in the world."

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