Spider-Man's Clones Collides in Chasm: Curse of Kaine (Exclusive)

Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker are back in Chasm: Curse of Kaine.

There's a battle of the Spider-Man clones on the horizon this summer. Ben Reilly used to be a hero just like Peter Parker, but all of that changed during the Spider-Man Beyond story arc. After having his memories messed with and falling into a pool of "expunging psycho-reactive goo," Ben Reilly emerged as the villain Chasm. He fought Spider-Man and the X-Men during the Dark Web crossover event, and Marvel even teased more adventures for Chasm and his clone brother, Scarlet Spider, in the Web of Spider-Man one-shot. Next up is a battle of the clones that will leave the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe rocked to its core.

ComicBook can exclusively reveal the cover and solicitation for Chasm: Curse of Kaine #1 by writer Steve Foxe and artist Andrea Broccardo. The cover by Leinil Francis Yu features Chasm (Ben Reilly) and Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker), with its solicitation text teasing a showdown between the two clones. "Kaine Parker is on a mission to track down his fellow clone Ben Reilly. But has becoming Chasm made Ben beyond saving? Or is there an even more menacing presence pulling his strings?" the solicitation reads.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

"Ben Reilly has had a long and troubled road from hero to anti-hero to villain to Chasm, and I'm thrilled to team up with Andrea to help define his latest and most unique chapter yet," Steve Foxe told ComicBook. "I know fans have very strong feelings about Ben, and I don't blame them--I'm a kid of the late '80s and I have a lifelong affection for both Ben and his fellow Spider-clone, Kaine. Chasm: Curse of Kaine is going to spotlight what makes both Chasm and Scarlet Spider such vital members of the extended Spider-family, but whether they end this series as brothers or foes...is anyone's guess. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention how much fun we're having with Hallows' Eve, who has emerged as one of the best additions to the Marvel roster in the last decade. Halloween is coming early this year, folks!"

Readers of Web of Spider-Man #1 will remember that it featured Chasm and Scarlet Spider stories. Chasm was able to escape his imprisonment in Limbo, with Scarlet Spider hot on his tail. However, the Eternal Druig was also shown to be taking an interest in the sibling rivalry between the spiders. So it's a safe bet that Druig will factor in heavily in Chasm: Curse of Kaine.

Chasm: Curse of Kaine #1 goes on sale August 28th from Marvel Comics.