X-Men #1 Trailer Kicks Off the From the Ashes Era

X-Men #1 by Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman is on sale now.

Marvel today released a trailer for X-Men #1. Launching their "From the Ashes" era, the issue drops today from writer Jed MacKay and artist Ryan Stegman. The hope is that, spinning out of the wild events of the recently-concluded Krakoa era, X-Men #1 can be both a jumping-on point for new fans and an exciting turning point for the audience that's already been along for the ride. The launch trailer features art from MacKay and Stegman's best-selling debut issue, serving the purpose of the internet's beloved five-page previews, but this time with lights, cameras and...well, not really "action," per se, but some movement anyway.

Besides the release of the trailer, Marvel is also urging fans to keep an eye out for a From the Ahes checklist to help put the varios X-titles in order and context. Per the announcement, "each X-Title offers a different approach to mutant storytelling, ensuring there's something for every reader."

"This is very much a series about rebuilding," MacKay told IGN in a recent interview. "It's a series about finding your place in a world that you thought you'd left behind, and essentially taking the wreckage of something and trying to build something new from it, which we see sort of thematically and also quite literally. I mean, the X-Men are flying around in the Marauder, too. They're living in a Sentinel factory that they have salvaged – a former Orchis facility that they now live in. So this sort of scavenging and repurposing of what came before in order to construct a place for oneself in the world is very much a part of what our X-Men book is about."

Per its official synopsis, "X-Men #1 introduces a new team of X-Men operating out of a former sentinel factory in Alaska. Led by Cyclops, the lineup includes both classic mainstays, fan-favorite icons, and rising stars: Beast, Psylocke, Magik, Kid Omega, Temper, Juggernaut, and Magneto. In the wake of Krakoa's fall, these X-Men raise a flag of defiance! Deadly times call for radical action and as they battle for the destiny of the mutant species, Cyclops' team will confront new forces including the mysterious final remnant of the anti-mutant group Orchis!"

You can get the comic on digital platforms like ComiXology, or at your local comic shop.