Battlefield 2042 Update Rolling Out Voice Moderation, Reporting

Battlefield 2042 players can now report voice chats.

Battlefield 2042 is rolling out a new option for reporting problematic players today which allows people to call out abuse or other harmful behaviors transmitted over voice chat. Since the option will now be present to report people for their voice chats, that means that voice moderation will be live in the game as well, a new tool for enforcing better player behaviors that has been used more and more in different games over the years.

Voice chat in Battlefield 2042 is optional, so you never have to take part in talking to other people that way if you don't want to, but unlike voice chat itself, the voice moderation system is mandatory. This means that if you're reported by someone or you're the one doing the reporting when it comes to something said over voice comms, Electronic Arts will be able to review whatever the problematic voice messages in question were.

"To protect players, voice chat moderation cannot be turned off within the game," EA's FAQ regarding this new reporting tool said. "You can choose not to use voice chat as part of your game session."

Some of the concerns expressed by players when this tech is present in other games have dealt with questions of just how much of their voice conversations were recorded and how long those recordings were kept. EA's support site does not clarify the latter but does confirm that voice chats can be recorded and kept for review purposes.

"This will now allow you to report in-game voice communication if you feel they are not in line with our Positive Play Charter. Our goal with this addition is to further reinforce positive behaviour in our community, while also giving you the possibility to report players that are actively trying to impact others in a negative way. If you or someone else is affected by toxicity, stand up and report players who are using abusive, offensive, or harmful language."

If you want to report someone's voice comms in Battlefield 2042, you can do so by pausing the game and heading to the "Squad and Players" menu. Select the person's name, hit "More," and you'll be able to report them for "Abusive Voice Chat." Once that's done, the voice comms in question will be sent off to EA for review.

EA said this Battlefield 2042 reporting tool will be rolling out on Tuesday.