EA Sports FC 24: All Answers for EURO Throwback Objective

Here is everything you need to solve the EURO Throwback Objective in EA FC 24.

On June 14th, developer Electronic Arts dropped the Make Your Mark promo into EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. This promo gives boosted cards to players who are making their first appearance in either the EURO or Copa America tournaments. Alongside the massive pack drop, the developers have introduced several new Objectives, including EURO Throwbacks. Unlike most Objectives in EA Sports FC 24, EURO Throwbacks is something of a riddle. Two answers are given, but the other three need to be puzzled out. If you're struggling to figure it out, we have you covered with the quick guide below.

All EURO Throwback Objectives in EA Sports FC 24

(Photo: EA Sports FC 24)

As mentioned, there are five Objectives to complete to finish EURO Throwbacks. Three of them require you to solve puzzles Electronic Arts has given. These all require you to use cards from a specific nation to complete a task. If you don't know the answers, you'll be left waving in the wind. Fortunately, you can find all five answers below. Note you need to use a specific player for one of these. For the other we've just listed the player to give you the full trivia for future reference:

  • Le Roi: A hero stepped onto the European Championship stage in 1984 and left a legacy. He scored nine goals in just five matches and led his team to glory. Score nine goals using players from that nation in any game mode – France (Michel Platini)
  • Greek Triumph: Greece pulled off one of the most impressive and astonishing European Championship victories in 2004! Win a match in any game mode while having at least four players from either Greece or Portugal in your starting 11 – Greece or Portugal
  • One of a Kind: One of the best football players of our time holds two European Championship records. The most goals and most matches played. Score at least two goals per match in five separate matches using any version of this player in any game mode – (Cristiano Ronaldo)
  • Three in 15 Minutes: Recreate the dramatic comeback Turkey achieved in 2008 from 2-0 down to winning 3-2 in the final 15 minutes. Win one match scoring at least three goals using players from Turkey in any game mode – Turkey
  • Trophy Cabinet: Only two nations have ever won the European Championship three times. Win four matches while using at least five players from each of these nations in your starting 11 in any game mode – Both Germany and Spain

Once you complete all five Objectives, you'll earn 2,000 XP, the UEFA Euro 2024 Pitch Trophy, and an 87 x2 Rare Gold Players Pack. EURO Throwback is available until July 11th, giving you plenty of time to complete it.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.