Fallout Creator Tim Cain Praises TV Show, Rebukes "Destructive" Fans

Fallout Creator says he was "on the edge of his seat" while watching the TV show.

The Fallout TV series has quickly become a major hit for Prime Video and Bethesda Game Studios. Not only are fans loving the show but they've also been flocking to games like Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 to extend their stay in The Wasteland. It's not just the fans who are enjoying the game because the creator of the original Fallout game Tim Cain recently posted a new video on his personal YouTube channel, revealing some of his thoughts on the show, while also letting fans know they should be a little nicer to the Fallout developers who followed in his footsteps.

Tim Cain Was "On the Edge of His Seat" Watching the Fallout TV Show

As the original creator of Fallout, it's no surprise to hear that Tim Cain was invited to the Fallout premiere event. There, he (and several other developers) got to watch the first two episodes of the show before it went live on Amazon. While he said it was, at times, hard to pay attention to the dialogue because of how "engrossed" he was looking at the various props brought to life, he thoroughly enjoyed his time with the show.

Cain was quick to praise the Fallout TV show's humor, acting, and ability to nail the vibe of the series. Of course, he only saw the first two episodes, but anyone who's been watching the show will tell you the rest of the series does a similarly excellent job with the rest of its run time. However, in his 16-minute discussion about the premiere event, Cain brought up something else that's seemingly been weighing on him after getting to talk to some of the other developers who worked on the Fallout franchise after he left it behind.

Specifically, Cain talked about catching up with Brian Fargo, the current CEO of inXile Entertainment and former founder of Interplay, the studio Cain worked on when he created Fallout. The two talked about how some of Cain's fans had been sending Fargo mean-spirited messages over the years and Cain made it clear that he doesn't want anyone doing that, calling it "destructive" behavior. He reiterated that same point later in his video while talking about meeting up with Bethesda's Todd Howard at the event. Either way, it's clear that these developers certainly don't need fans on the internet fighting over them.

What's Next for Tim Cain?

As the creator of Fallout, Cain has incredible game development chops. He's since followed that up by working on games like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Pillars of Eternity, and The Outer Worlds. However, since 2020 he's left behind full-time game development, instead preferring to work as a contractor and pass his knowledge along to the next generation of developers. 

That said, he's not completely finished working on games. Cain is consulting on The Outer Worlds 2, which is in development at Obsidian Entertainment. The game is slated to release in 2025, though it would not be surprising to see it slip back to 2026 given that Obsidian is currently working on Avowed, its answer to The Elder Scrolls. Either way, it'll be fun to see the influence Cain has on The Outer Worlds 2 when it releases.