Horrified: World of Monsters Announced, Adding Cthulhu to Game Franchise

Horrified: World of Monsters will be released in August.

Ravensburger is adding several monsters from various cultures in its latest installment of the popular Horrified board game series. Horrified: World of Monsters will pit players against the Sphinx, Yeti, Jiangshi and Cthulhu and will also include rules on how to mix and match monsters with its predecessor - Horrified: Greek Monsters. This marks the first time that the Horrified game series has included rules on how to crossover between different installments. The game is set in a "mysterious arcane-punk" town centered around the Void, which acts as a doorway between worlds. Horrified: World of Monsters will be released in August at a lower price point of $29.99.

"In developing Horrified: World of Monsters, we hoped to continue the series' five-year legacy of impeccable atmosphere, immersive gameplay and detailed miniatures, all while adding some extra fearsome 'firsts' for Horrified," said Lysa Penrose, Head of New Games Marketing at Ravensburger. "Horrified: World of Monsters marks our first mix-and-match rules, our first multi-phase monster challenge and our first release at a new, more approachable price point." 

In Horrified, players must balance collecting item tokens with protecting innocent citizens, and avoiding attacks. Each player character has their own special abilities that can be used cooperatively to help complete objectives to win the game. Every monster has its own unique defeat condition, which usually involves collecting specific items and luring monsters to certain locations. 

Interestingly, Horrified: World of Monsters has several "cameos" from past games, including Mari from Horrified: American Monsters and The Investigator from Horrified: Universal Monsters. It's unclear if these characters simply appear on artwork or if they'll act as player characters or alternatively civilians to protect. 

Horrified: World of Monsters will be released on August 1st at Target, Amazon, and hobby stores.