KSI and Jake Paul Might Finally Fight Later This Year

After years of posturing, 2024 might finally be the year KSI and Jake Paul fight.

KSI and Jake Paul have been squabbling verbally since at least 2018 when KSI challenged Paul and his brother Logan to fights following a match against Joe Weller. However, talks about an actual fight between the two have broken down several times throughout the last few years. Just last year, we saw Paul issue a $50 million challenge to KSI only for the British YouTuber to say that Paul "ain't got any hype anymore," essentially shutting down hopes about the fight. Fortunately for fans hoping to finally see it, things have appeared to swing back in the other direction, with KSI recently appearing to be open to the fight once again.

KSI vs. Jake Paul Might Be Back on for 2024

It's worth noting this could all be posturing from the two influencers. It certainly wouldn't be the first time both fighters talked a big game only for everything to go pear-shaped, leaving the can to be kicked down the road once again. However, with the noise coming from KSI's camp, it might be more likely than when things were coming from the other direction last year. Paul has seemed keen to make the fight happen recently, so if KSI is on board, it's definitely a possibility.

Either way, it's apparent that KSI is "back in the gym" and is looking to fight somebody. In addition to the Paul rumors, there have also been reports that KSI wants to fight soccer legend Wayne Rooney. Of course, Rooney might be more interested in getting back into a management position after recently getting sacked by Birmingham City. One way or the other, it looks like KSI isn't content to let his last moment in fighting be the sparring match he had against iShowSpeed to end 2023.

Who is Jake Paul's Next Fight?

While KSI doesn't have a fight currently on the cards for 2024, Jake Paul will be in action this weekend. Paul is going up against Ryan Bourland on a card that is headlined by Amanda Serrano and Nina Meinke's featherweight title bout. Bourland has much more in-ring experience than Paul as a former Gold Gloves Champion and National Junior Olympics boxer. That's been a trend for Paul in his last few fights. In his quest to build a case for an eventual title fight, he's been stepping away from big names to fight more legitimate boxers. Here's the full card for this weekend's fight:

  • 126 lbs.: Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke, 12 rounds for IBF, WBO, WBA, and IBO women's featherweight titles
  • 200 lbs.: Jake Paul vs. Ryan Bourland, eight rounds
  • 108 lbs.: Jonathan Gonzalez vs. Rene Santiago, 12 rounds for WBO light flyweight title
  • 115 lbs.: Krystal Rosado vs. Gloria Munguilla, four rounds
  • 126 lbs.: Javon Walton vs. Joshua Torres, four rounds
  • 130 lbs.: Christopher Diaz vs. Headley Scott, 10 rounds
  • 126 lbs.: Pedro Marquez vs. Brandon Valdez, eight rounds
  • 147 lbs.: Elijah Flores vs. Alejandro Munera, six rounds