Metroid Prime 4 Rumored to Release This Year

It might finally be time to see Metroid Prime 4.

Less than a day before Nintendo's next Direct, a new rumor has claimed that the publisher is gearing up to release Metroid Prime 4 later in 2024. All the way back in 2017, Metroid Prime 4 was first announced to be in the works for Nintendo Switch. In early 2019, though, the project's development was rebooted entirely, which has since led to over five years of silence from Nintendo when it comes to the game's status. Now, it sounds as though a re-reveal for Metroid Prime 4 could be on tap this week and will be followed by an upcoming release. 

According to YouTuber PapaGenos, Metroid Prime 4 is lining up to launch in fall of 2024 and will be pitched as Nintendo's big Switch title for the holiday window. To that end, it's anticipated that the first major reveal for MP4 could come about tomorrow and will begin Nintendo's promotional period for the game. PapaGenos, who has had accurate Nintendo info in the past, stressed that there's no guarantee that Metroid Prime 4 will appear at the Direct, but they did express more confidence about the title's release later in the year. 

"From what I have gathered I believe that Metroid Prime 4 will probably be in the Direct tomorrow," PapaGenos said in their new video. "I don't know that for sure, but the rumors I've been hearing is that the game is probably launching in the fall. So it would be the big holiday title this year. If that's the case, now, of course, would be the time to start showing it off and hyping it up."

Going purely off of what we know about Metroid Prime 4 already, a re-reveal at tomorrow's June 18th Direct would be incredibly feasible. At this point in time, the next entry in the Metroid Prime series has been in the works for over five years, which suggests it's likely in the final stages of development. With the Nintendo Switch's life cycle also nearing its end, it would make sense for Nintendo to release the game as a way of making good on its promise to release MP4 on the platform back in 2017. 

Either way, if Metroid Prime 4 is truly about to be shown off, we won't have to wait much longer to find out. Be sure to stay tuned to our coverage here on ComicBook in the coming day to learn more about what Nintendo reveals at its new Direct.