MLB The Show 24: All Hidden Rewards for Jackie Robinson Day Conquest Map

Pick up a ton of extra rewards to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day in MLB The Show 24.

Since 2004, every April 15th has been Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB. The day was selected because April 15th was Opening Day in 1947, the first season Robinson suited up to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers and break the color barrier in professional baseball. As you'd expect, MLB The Show 24 is also celebrating Robinson with new content, including a Program full of Negro League players, a pack that sends proceeds to relevant charities, and a new Conquest Map full of rewards. For the latter, you'll want to know which territories to take over to earn every award quickly, so below, you'll find a full breakdown for the Jackie Robinson Day Conquest Map in MLB The Show 24.

Hidden Rewards on the Jackie Robison Day Conquest Map


As you can see in the image above there are all kinds of Hidden Rewards to earn on the Jackie Robinson Day Conquest Map. It's also worth noting that, in addition to the awards listed in the map above, several of the Strongholds contain extra rewards, which we've noted below. Here's the full rundown on everything you'll earn from Hidden Rewards:

  • 4 The Show Packs
  • 336 Stubs
  • Ballin' Pack – Royals Stronghold
  • 42 Stubs – Right Yankees Stronghold
  • The Show Pack – Left Yankees Stronghold

MLB The Show 24 Jackie Robinson Day Goals

With the hidden rewards out of the way, you'll also want to track down all of the normal goals to make sure you get everything. If you want to unlock everything, you'll need to play at least six games, though you can play them all on Rookie to make it easier. Here are the regular goals for the Conquest Map:

  • Acquire 42M Fans – 2 x The Show Pack and 42 Stubs
  • Capture the 3 Los Angeles Dodgers Strongholds – 1 x Headliners Pack and 42 Stubs
  • Capture the Kansas City Royals Stronghold – 2 x The Show Packs and 42 Stubs
  • Capture both New York Yankees Strongholds – 1 x Millionaire Pack and 42 Stubs
  • Conquer all territories and complete the Jackie Robinson Day map – 5 x The Show Packs, 42 Stubs, and 1,000 XP

Finally, it's worth noting that finishing this Conquest Map gives you 35 Points for the Jackie Robinson Day Program. Considering you need 50 Points to complete the Program, this is almost a required completion. Sure, you can complete it by finishing online challenges, but the Conquest Map is going to be much easier for most players.

MLB The Show 24 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. While the new Conquest Map is going to get you some good rewards, the best place to pick up new cards is in the Egg Hunt. If you need help with the Egg Hunt program, we've put together a guide giving you the locations for all of the eggs