Nintendo Releases Mystery Trailer for New M-Rated Game

Who is Emio?

This morning, Nintendo released a mysterious new trailer for what seems to be a first-party horror game, possibly called Emio. The trailer is incredibly brief, lasting just 15 seconds in total. During the trailer, creepy music can be heard playing, while a man stands wearing a trenchcoat and a paper bag on his head. The bag starts out with a black smile drawn on the front, with the eyes in a closed position. However, the trailer features a number of quick cuts, and at one point, the black eyes are wide, and the smile now shows a whole bunch of teeth drawn in. 

The trailer for Emio can be found below. 

Unfortunately, the description isn't any more helpful; it only features a hashtag asking "who is Emio?" Of course, that's the question everyone else seems to be asking, and it's not clear when we might have some answers. Whatever the case might be, Nintendo clearly has people talking, and wondering just what the heck this new game might be! It's also interesting that the game has received an M-rating from the ESRB. It's not totally unheard of for Nintendo to publish an M-rated game, as the Bayonetta series is mostly M-rated

"Emio" turns up no search results on the ESRB website, so it's possible Emio might only be a character, and not the name of the actual game. Right now, we're completely in the dark! It's a bit surprising that this game wasn't announced during last month's Nintendo Direct, but keeping the announcement its own thing did make sure that it didn't get buried on a day that new Zelda and Mario games were also announced

While Nintendo clearly isn't ready to reveal anything else, there has been speculation that the game could be a new title from developer Bloober Team. ResetEra users have spotted an interview between Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno and PAP Biznes. In that interview, Babieno mentions working "in cooperation with the world's best game creators for Nintendo platforms." Given the fact that Nintendo has been very secretive about the developers working on its games over the last few years, we probably won't know if this game is being made by Bloober Team until after it's been released! 

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