Nintendo Switch Online Adds New SNES Freebies

Freebies based on Yoshi's Island are now available through Nintendo Switch Online.

As part of their subscription, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are given access to some of the greatest video games from classic systems, including the Super Nintendo. At this point, more than 60 games are available on the dedicated SNES app, including favorites like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. That game is the basis for a new promotion, during which subscribers can claim exclusive Nintendo Switch profile icons. Unlike icons that have been offered in the past, the Yoshi's Island options can only be accessed by those that play the game on the SNES app. 

It doesn't appear that there's a strict requirement about how much Yoshi's Island must be played before the free icons are unlocked. Basically, you can just boot up the SNES app, start up Yoshi's Island, and you should be good to go. Doing so will complete the Nintendo Switch Online mission, which gives the player 50 Platinum Points. Those points can then be spent on buying the new Yoshi's Island icons, which cost 10 points each. Subscribers can get designs based on Yoshi, Baby Mario, the two of them together, Poochy, and Baby Bowser. Unfortunately, there aren't any backgrounds based on the game, which seems like a real missed opportunity! 

These profile icons will be available through May 6th. Readers can get a look at some of the designs in the image below. 

(Photo: Nintendo)

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

For those that have never played Yoshi's Island, this Nintendo Switch Online promotion is the perfect excuse to do just that! Originally released in 1995, Yoshi's Island is widely considered one of the best games released on the SNES. While the game's title positions it as a sequel to Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island actually takes place before every game in the Mario franchise. When the adventure begins, the stork carrying Baby Mario and Baby Luigi is attacked by Kamek. Luigi is kidnapped, while Baby Mario crashes on Yoshi's Island. The Yoshis set out on a mission to reunite the two brothers, serving as Mario's caretakers. 

Over the years, Yoshi's Island received multiple sequels that featured Baby Mario and other baby versions of Nintendo characters. It also served as the inspiration for games like Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Crafted World. Anyone that has ever enjoyed any of these games should definitely check out Yoshi's Island through the SNES app, regardless of whether they have any interest in these free profile icons! 

Nintendo Switch Online's SNES App

The SNES app is a free download for all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The app predominantly features Nintendo published games like Yoshi's Island, Super Metroid, and Donkey Kong Country, but there are some third-party games as well, including Earthworm Jim 2 and Breath of Fire. The app's most recent additions were Killer Instinct and BattleToads in Battlemaniacs, both of which were added in February

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