PS5 Finally Getting Feature It Should Have Had at Launch

PS5 finally getting some quality-of-life features.

A new PS5 update on the horizon, and when it releases it will add a quality-of-life feature that the console probably should have had at launch. When the PS4 generation finished, Sony had refined and bolstered it with a wide-range of features and capabilities, just to take 40 steps back with the PS5. To be fair, this happens every console generation. Each new generation is a soft reset, and features from previous generation are often not available at launch, and are sprinkled out over the course of a new generation. 

To this end, a new PS5 system update is going to finally let PS5 users change the brightness of the power indicator on the console. More specifically, there will be three options going forward: Bright (Standard), Medium, and Dim. What there won't be is any option to make the indicator brighter, though it's not clear why anyone would want to do this as it's quite bright to begin with. 

This is a small feature PS5 players have asked for since the console's release. It's not clear why this wasn't an option at the launch of the console. It's unclear if it is purely a consequence of being a low priority and the knock on effect of designers not having the bandwidth in the build up to launch. If this is the case, why is the machine coming in so hot that there isn't time to add a simple feature. It's also possible it simply was not thought of. Whatever the case, it's being remedied soon. As you may know, the Xbox Series X has had this option, despite the current Xbox console emitting less light than the PS5. 

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