Sonic the Hedgehog Boss Says Dreamcast Era Feature Could Return in Future Games

Chao Gardens won't appear in Sonic x Shadow Generations, but Sega is aware of the demand.

The Dreamcast era is highly-regarded among Sonic fans. The two Sonic Adventure games brought the character firmly into the third dimension, and included features that haven't been seen since. However, just because those features aren't currently in use, it doesn't mean they've been forgotten! In an interview with Video Games Chronicle, Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka was asked if the Chao Garden feature from the Sonic Adventure titles might return in Sonic x Shadow Generations. Unfortunately, that will not be happening, but fans can still expect to see the characters show up in the game. 

"There are Chao that appear on the key visual and art work, and the reason is because there's a Chao Rescue gameplay feature. For those who played Sonic Generations already, there is additional gameplay through this feature. But just to be clear, there's no Chao Garden in this game," Iizuka told VGC. 

While that's bound to disappoint some Sonic the Hedgehog fans, Iizuka does know that "everybody wants it" to return, and he is open to bringing it back in a future game. At the very least, that bodes well for the feature's return, and that will have to be enough for the time being. For those that have never played the Sonic Adventure games, the Chao Garden feature allowed players to raise and care for Chao, and play minigames like Chao Race and Chao Karate. While references to the characters have appeared in games since, an actual Chao Garden has not been in another game since Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic x Shadow Generations will not feature a Chao Garden, but the game should still have a lot to enjoy for fans of the Dreamcast days. The main campaign has levels based on both Sonic Adventure games, and the new Shadow campaign will also feature areas and elements based on Sonic Adventure 2, as well as the game Shadow the Hedgehog. Speaking of Shadow, the character will play a key role in Paramount's Sonic the Hedgehog 3 later this year. The movie's story will apparently borrow quite a bit from Sonic Adventure 2, which makes sense given Shadow's backstory. 

The Dreamcast era might not have lasted very long, but it lives on in many different ways. The system is arguably more beloved now than it was during its time on the market. Hopefully Sega will finally bring back a part of that era that still means a lot to Sonic the Hedgehog fans. 

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