Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Is Adding 8 More Suits in New Update

Four new suits for Miles and Peter each are hitting Spider-Man 2 next week.

PlayStation and developer Insomniac Games have announced that eight new suits will soon be coming to Marvel's Spider-Man 2 as part of a new update for the acclaimed open-world game. Since its release near the end of 2023, Insomniac has continued to steadily update Spider-Man 2 with new content and features based on fan requests. In addition, the studio has also slowly adding new cosmetics for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales that players can don in-game. Now, this trend is set to continue one week from now with a new lineup of suits that are likely the best we've seen so far. 

As part of update 1.003.000 that will roll out on June 18th, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be getting four new suits for both Peter and Miles. The most notable inclusions with this patch are likely tied to Peter, as the Peter B. Parker suit from Into the Spider-Verse will finally be coming to the game after many pleas from fans. In addition, Peter will also be getting the Last Stand Suit, Motorchic Suit, and Fluro Suit. When it comes to Miles, new additions will include the Ginga Suit, Metro Suit, Uptown Pride Suit, and Animated Suit. The last suit of this bunch for Miles is said to be "reminiscent of classic cartoons and comics of old."

(Photo: PlayStation)

Outside of all of these new cosmetics, Insomniac Games will also be making some larger changes to Marvel's Spider-Man 2 with this update. Specifically, the studio says this patch will finally add "the ability to swap out your parry and traversal abilities from the Symbiote to Spider Arms, and vice versa." Additionally, there will be a number of bug fixes and stability improvements pushed out to make Spider-Man 2 a more enjoyable experience across the board. 

Currently, it's now known if any post-launch DLC is being planned for Marvel's Spider-Man 2. After the game was initially released, some developers at Insomniac dropped teases that DLC could be in the cards. Since that time, though, no news on any future expansions has come about, which makes it seem like the Spider-Man sequel is unlikely to receive any new content outside of what has been seen in these free updates. If this does change in the future, though, we'll be sure to update you here on once we learn more.