Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada Cancelled by Atomic Mass Games

Two Star Wars miniatures games were cancelled by Asmodee this week.

Atomic Mass Games, a subsidiary of Asmodee, has announced the "end of development" of two Star Wars games. Atomic Mass Games announced that it would be ending development of Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada, two miniatures games that involved small scale or large scale starship fleet battles. "Over the past few years, rising production costs, global manufacturing, and pandemic-related challenges have made it increasingly difficult to produce high-quality, pre-painted miniatures which ultimately led to the decision to end development," Atomic Mass Games wrote on their blog. 

The news is sure to be a disappointment with fans, especially Star Wars: X-Wing, which has been continuously supported with new products for over a decade. After Atomic Mass Games took over the development of both games, product releases had become more rare, with Atomic Mass Games only providing new "print and play" support for Star Wars: Armada. Star Wars: X-Wing, meanwhile, suffered from a disastrous 2nd edition launch that split the fanbase and a subsequent "2.5" edition that caused further fractures. The last Star Wars: X-Wing product released by Atomic Mass Games came in early 2024, and focused on scenarios that recreated classic Star Wars battles.

While Atomic Mass Games is ending development and support for both games, organized play will continue for at least another few months. Per the announcement, Atomic Mass  Games will continue to support tournaments and Organized Play for both games, and will host the Open World Championship at AdeptiCon in March 2025.

This marks the latest popular and long-running but undersupported Star Wars games to be cancelled by Asmodee. A line of Star Wars RPGs were also unceremoniously scrapped by Asmodee subsidiary Fantasy Flight Games and allowed to go out of print. Last year, Asmodee's Edge Studios quietly re-released several Star Wars RPG products but have so far announced no new content for the games.