Street Masters: Champion Edition Hits Kickstarter with a Brand New Expansion

Steamforged Games brings the definitive edition of Street Masters to Kickstarter!

Last year Steamforged announced that it had acquired the fan-favorite Street Masters board game and IP from Blacklist Games, and now Steamforged is bringing an updated version of the game along with a brand new expansion to Kickstarter. Street Masters: Champion Edition is described as the definitive edition and will include a massive amount of content depending on the tier you end up choosing, but there's also a great entry point tier that will get you started with a later standalone expansion. The game is themed after classic video game beat 'em ups, and includes over 50 fighters to choose from, arcade and story modes, and the option to play solo or co-op with friends. The campaign has already surpassed its goal and unlocked a host of stretch goals along the way, and you can check out the full campaign right here.

The New Challenger Pledge offers up the core experience for $139 and includes the Rise of the Kingdom Core Box, Legend of One expansion, Twin Tigers expansion, the Redemption Pack 1, and all stretch goals from the First Kickstarter. There's also the Aspirant Pledge, which is made for those looking for a streamlined entry point to the series. That tier is $69 and includes the Street Masters III: Tide of the Dragon standalone expansion, the Rumble Pack, and the New Challengers Pack in one box.

(Photo: Steamforged Games)

The Veteran Fighter Pledge is for those who just want all the new content and includes Street Masters IV: Lament of the Blood Moon, which is exclusive to this Kickstarter for $49. You also get all of the unlocked goals in this campaign included with it.

Finally, there's the Global Gladiator pledge for $357, which has everything from the Kickstarter and is described as the definitive experience. That includes the Rise of the Kingdom Core Box and its expansions, Street Masters II: Aftershock and its expansions and deluxe items, Street Masters III: Tide of the Dragon and its extra packs, and Street Masters IV: Lament of the Blood Moon. You can check out the full campaign right here, and you can find the official description of Street Masters: Champion Edition below.

"Remove one danger, and another will rise. Embark on the next chapter in the new expansion! The Kingdom has fallen, but peace did not last. A new threat is carving an empire in blood across Japan. To fight it, you must once again become...Street Masters.

Street Masters is BACK! Get ready for thrill-packed street-fighting action in Street Masters: Champion Edition – the definitive edition that wraps up all the good stuff from previous campaigns and debuts a BRAND NEW EXPANSION! Inspired by beat 'em up video games, Street Masters blends side-scrolling vibes with tactical, card-driven combat for exciting challenges, engaging fights, and hours of replayability in Arcade of Story mode. Ready? Fight! Designed by Adam & Brady Sadler (The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game)."

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