Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Easter Egg Hints at Batman's Return

Batman will likely return in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's updates.

Spoilers for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will follow in this article.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League seems to be teasing the return of Batman. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been a pretty divisive game, even long before it came out. Many were excited to see Rocksteady Studios return, especially to the Arkhamverse, but after the studio started showing the game off, there were a lot of concerns. The developer was moving away from its single-player roots and embracing the live service genre that is taking over the industry and many felt the game was shaping up to be a bit soulless. Things got a bit more chaotic once people actually played the game.

As the name would imply, players do kill the Justice League, including Batman. While this may have gone over better if it was just a new version of Batman, the fact that it was the one from the beloved Arkham series voiced by iconic actor Kevin Conroy did not sit well with many people. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League kills Batman in a way that many felt was disrespectful as he gets his brains blown out by Harley Quinn while sitting on a park bench. It's pretty unceremonious and leaves you with a cold feeling, likely by design. It was assumed this was the end of this version of Batman, but that may not be the case. Many players began to notice small details such as Brainiac collecting the body of Green Lantern after he is killed and other things to suggest that these characters aren't 100% done for. Leaks have also suggested that the post-launch content for the game will see the Justice League members coming back in some capacity with one answer being that the versions that you killed were clones of the original Justice League members who have actually remained alive. On top of that, the biggest clue is actually an Easter egg in the game. There are a series of calendars with dates marked on them around Metropolis, one of which features a bat symbol on it and can be found near where Batman dies. If you decode the message on them, you'll get secret message that reads: "He will return."

With all of that said, it seems like Batman will be back. Of course, Kevin Conroy did pass away in 2022. While he recorded all of his lines for the base game, it's unclear if he had any work left to do on post-launch content. It's likely Rocksteady won't be forthcoming about that as to not spoil his return until they're ready to reveal it, but either way, it sounds like Batman will return.