V Rising's Price Is Going Up Very Soon

After five years of early access, V Rising is about to hit full release along with a price increase.

V Rising was an instant success when it hit early access via Steam in 2022. Since then, the developers at Stunlock Studios have consistently updated the game, working to get it ready for a full launch. Now, that time is nearly upon us as V Rising will hit its 1.0 launch on May 8th. As with many games, players in early access get a nice discount for hopping in early, so today Stunlock announced that, as soon as the game ticks over to 1.0, players can expect a substantial price increase for V Rising.

V Rising Price Increase Announced

Again, V Rising players have expected to hear this news for a while now. Most early access games get a price increase when they fully launch and we've known that V Rising was going to do the exact same thing. That said, it is nice to see the developers at Stunlock give new players a heads-up before the price goes up. What might be surprising is that the price increase is coming more than a month before the game hits 1.0.

In its write-up, Stunlock said, "After two years in Early Access, five years of development, and significant progress in the game, the price will now be increased to reflect its full value. We're happy to be approaching the full 1.0 version of V Rising this May 8th, 2024 with another massive update to complete the Vampire Experience! That means we'll be increasing the price of V Rising on Steam to 34.99 USD/EUR. Right now is your last chance to get V Rising at its current price: 19.99 USD/EUR. It will be available for this price until April 5th, 2024, roughly one month before the full release date."

That might trip up some prospective players who assume they have until V Rising hits 1.0 to get the game at a reduced price. Instead, you'll want to advantage of the current price as soon as possible to ensure you don't miss out on the "deal."It's worth noting that, while the base game is going up in price, DLC prices will remain unchanged. 

What's Coming in V Rising's Full Release?

When V Rising hits its full launch on May 8th, Stunlock isn't going to leave fans without new content to explore. The 1.0 patch will include a new endgame zone called The Ruins of Mortium, which features "dynamic endgame events." There will also be a final chapter and new V Blood bosses to cap off your journey through the game's world. Plus, the team is adding new cosmetic DLC themed around the Castlevania series and a huge chunk of bug fixes and adjustments.

Maybe the most exciting addition with the 1.0 release is the addition of native gamepad support. While that news might not seem like a big deal on its face, it does bring us one step closer to V Rising finally making its way to PlayStation 5 consoles. We don't know when the game will launch on Sony's console, but we do know that it's coming later this year.

V Rising is available now on PC. Make sure to hop in now to get the lower early access price before it goes away forever.