New The Legend of Zelda Game Rumored to Be Revealed Soon

Could Nintendo reveal its next Zelda title at this month's Direct?

A new game in Nintendo's iconic The Legend of Zelda series might be announced quite soon. Currently, Nintendo fans around the world are waiting patiently for the publisher to hold its next Direct, which is confirmed to be happening at some point in June. While it's not yet known what Nintendo will reveal when this Direct takes place, now, it's being suggested that another entry in the Zelda franchise might end up appearing. 

According to a leaker that goes by the name Midori, Nintendo has been working on a new Zelda game that is codenamed "Edward." Although details on what the nature of this game might be weren't shared, the insider suggests that the game could be revealed in short order. They go on to claim in a subsequent chain of messages that have since been made public that Nintendo's next Direct will be held on Tuesday, June 18th, which is a venue in which this announcement could feasibly take place. 

If Nintendo is working on a new Zelda game, then the question becomes what the nature of this title is. Given that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom only released a little more than a year ago, it's a near-certainty that a new mainline installment won't be shown off just yet. In recent years, though, Nintendo has been porting and outright remaking other Zelda games from the past. As such, there's a chance that the company could once again pluck one of these games from the past and put it on Switch with a new coat of paint. 

Per usual, it's worth stressing that this is just a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt for the time being. There's no question whatsoever that Nintendo is working on new Zelda games internally as the property is arguably the biggest that Nintendo owns outside of Super Mario. Still, whether we see the next Zelda title at this month's Direct isn't a guarantee in the slightest, so don't expect it to happen with absolute certainty.