Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Reveals More X-Force Resurrections

The first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine featured the surprising resurrection of X-Force's Shatterstar.

More X-Force resurrections are on the table in the first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine. Super Bowl LVIII delivered the triumphant returns of Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in a Super Bowl spot before the full trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine was released online. While there is a lot to dissect about the trailer, the opening moments featured some characters fans may not have expected to see again. While Cable and Domino were curiously absent, X-Force was representing to the fullest for Deadpool's birthday party. If you look closely enough, one X-Force member on hand came as a surprise.

Attending Wade Wilson's birthday party in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer were Vanessa, Blind Al, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Yukio, Dopinder, and Colossus. Surprising also spotted was Peter, who died in Deadpool 2 after joining X-Force but was resurrected in the post-credits scene, as well as his fallen teammate Shatterstar. Now, Shatterstar wasn't resurrected like Peter was in the Deadpool 2 post-credits scene, but it appears he's back among the living when Deadpool & Wolverine kicks off. It's safe to assume this scene takes place early on in the film, seeing as Deadpool is recruited by the TVA and set off on the movie's main plot.

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Deadpool & Wolverine trailer features a Secret Wars Easter egg

Some eagle-eyed fans spot an Easter egg for Secret Wars in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are back as the Merc With a Mouth and everyone's favorite X-Man in Deadpool & Wolverine, the first X-Men film developed by Marvel Studios. The Super Bowl trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine revealed the film's official title, which had previously been referred to as Deadpool 3. There has been a ton of speculation on what Deadpool & Wolverine will be about, and if there will be multiverse shenanigans afoot. If a comic spotted in the trailer's final moments is any indication, Marvel fans are getting closer and closer to Secret Wars.

At the end of the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, Wade Wilson is lying on a barren landscape. To his right is a small comic book that appears to be an issue of Secret Wars. The first Secret Wars took place in 1984 and transported Marvel's heroes and villains to Battleworld, where they had to fight for survival. Marvel revisited Secret Wars in 2015, and the comic in question from the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer appears to come from 2015's Secret Wars. Though it's hard to see, it looks like Secret Wars #5 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic, featuring Doctor Doom's helmet split down the middle of the cover.

The third entry in the Deadpool trilogy reunites director Shawn Levy with Ryan Reynolds (Free Guy, The Adam Project) and Hugh Jackman (Real Steel). It's also a reunion for Jackman and Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige, whose first producing credit was 2000's X-Men. Reynolds co-wrote the script with Deadpool and Deadpool 2 writers Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese, and Zeb Wells (The Marvels, Robot Chicken) & Levy.

Alongside Reynolds and Jackman, the cast includes returning Deadpool stars Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Stefan Kapičić as Colossus of the X-Men, Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, Karan Soni as Dopinder, and Rob Delaney as the unpowered Peter. Emma Corrin (The Crown) and Matthew Macfadyen (Succession) also star.

Deadpool & Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26th.