Despicable Me 4 Director Gives Sequel Update

Chris Renaud says Despicable Me 5 will depend on the story.

Despicable Me 4 could be getting a sequel after a recent update from director Chris Renaud. Variety interviewed the filmmaker after the whirlwind opening for Illumination's latest. When it comes to a Despicable Me 5, Renaud thinks it would all depend on the story they're trying to tell. "If we come up with a good story and it feels like we can cover some fresh territory, then certainly it's possible," the director explained. Luckily for the Illumination team and Universal, theater-goers seem to be liking the story they put down for this entry in the franchise. The movie has already done $120 million at the domestic box office and looks to build on that impressive number. With the box office on fire now, that will probably be the case for a few weekends until Deadpool & Wolverine flies into theaters.

One thing is for sure, if they wan to make more Despicable Me, Steve Carell is down to return. ComicBook caught up with the series star to ask about Gru's continuing storyline. While the door is open for more adventures with his family. There's tons of room for Gru and the entire ensemble to tangle with another bad guy in the future.

"It's so much fun," Carell smiled with ComicBook. "Why wouldn't I want to [keep voicing Gru]? I hope it goes on for as long as people want to watch it. It's been nothing but fun and rewarding. My kids grew up with it. I love being associated with it." 

Despicable Me 4 Is A Superhero Story


Despicable Me 4 / Marvel's Fantastic Four casting announcement 

- Illumination / Marvel)

One big part of the story that figured into the marketing for Despicable Me 4 is the superhero minions. ComicBook also spoke with Renaud about the choice to have the Mega Minions play such a role. They help make the story go. "I know for me, I was definitely thinking about simple powers that are very graphic and easily understood. We talked about a lot of things, but I think knowing the amount of screen time we had, which wasn't much, [we went with] very kind of archetypal powers sort of in the vein and the look of the Fantastic Four," Renaud told us. 

"So their powers aren't exactly the Fantastic Four, but one thing that I like as a comparison to that group is the Fantastic Four powers are slightly goofy ... The Invisible Woman, the fire guy, the rock guy, there's something about it," he adds. "It works great as a comic, but the visual and graphic sensibility of those powers really lent themselves to the Minions."

"In other words, with the Minion who stretches – that's Tim, who's our big tall guy – and so it makes sense [for him]," he continued. "And of course, Mel, with the laser beam powers, he's a one-eyed guy with a goggle, and then the goggle extends. So it was looking at ways that even some of the design as a normal minion, how that design could lead to what their superpower might be."

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