The Boys Confirmed to End With Season 5

The Boys premieres its fourth season on Thursday, June 13th.

The Boys has begun the beginning of its end. Prime Video's hit superhero series, which premieres its fourth season on June 13th, is confirmed to conclude with Season 5. Showrunner Eric Kripke announced the news on Twitter, noting that the fifth season will indeed be the show's final season. Kripke emphasized that five seasons of The Boys was "always [his] plan" and teased that the show's ultimate conclusion will be a "gory, epic, moist climax." The Boys has been one of Prime Video's flagship programs, premiering in Summer 2019 and quickly evolving into a pop culture staple over the subsequent seasons.

(Photo: Prime Video)

Just because The Boys ends with Season 5 does not mean the larger world around it will wrap up too. The Boys's first live-action spin-off series, Gen V, has already been renewed for a second season. Another spin-off, The Boys: Mexico, is in active development. On the animated front, Prime Video released an anthology series, The Boys: Diabolical, in March 2022. 

Kripke's announcement shuts down teases he made just days prior when he said he was uncertain as to how long The Boys would last.

"I am – without hyperbole – literally the worst person in history at predicting how long their show should go. No one in the entire history of the entertainment business has been more wrong than me, giving interview after interview on how I thought Supernatural should end after five years," Kripke said of his work on the hit The CW show, which ended up lasting 15 seasons. "So I would be crazy to speculate on how many seasons any show should go. I'm not going to make that same mistake again. But, yes, I do have an ending in mind."

While The Boys's actual ending is set for whenever the Season 5 finale rolls around, the show's fourth season has been teased to be "f--king nuts."

"There are certain things in this season when I read them that I audibly gasped," leading man Jack Quaid noted in a recent interview. "I really didn't see a lot of the beats coming, and that's very hard to do for a person who's been on the show for four seasons. The writers just really outdid themselves. The ending is awesome. The ending is f–king nuts. It's insane. I'm talking about The Boys, so I can swear."

The Boys Season 4 premieres its first three episodes on Thursday, June 13th, streaming on Prime Video. Subsequent episodes will be released one at a time every Thursday.