Rhea Ripley Forced To Vacate Women's World Championship on WWE Raw

Rhea Ripley claims she'll be on the shelf for "quite a few months."

The WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley opened WWE Raw in a sling after speculation that she may have injured herself on WWE Raw last week.

Reports surfaced earlier this afternoon indicating that Ripley is in fact injured. They noted that it may be severe enough that she would have to vacate the championship which she has held for over 380 days. Ripley successfully defended the title at WrestleMania 40 in a match against "The Man" Becky Lynch. 

In the ring, Ripley addresses the attack from Liv Morgan, told that she's stuck on the bench for "quite a few months." She's also been informed that she needs to vacate the Women's World Championship. The crowd chants "bullsh--t" which Ripley agrees with because the championship means the world to her and why it's so painful. She lays the title down in the ring as the fans began chanting "thank you Mami." She blames Morgan's revenge tour for the reason she's injured. Instead of going face to face, she blindsided her like the "coward" she is. 

She sends a warning to whoever wins the title because when she returns she's coming back for blood. Morgan's music hits as WWE officials and security try to hold them both back. Ticked off, she attacks the security guards trying to calm the situation. The Judgment Day embraces Ripley backstage, Priest hypes her up knowing that she's going to come back more badass than ever and she'll take down Morgan once and for all.

Morgan has been on a "revenge tour" of sorts getting re-injured last summer. To keep up the storyline, Ripley attacked Morgan backstage and thus took her out of action until her big return at the Royal Rumble. Morgan entered at No. 30 and nearly made it to the end, but she was eliminated as Bayley would be this year's winner. Morgan then qualified for the Elimination Chamber for a shot at Ripley at WrestleMania, but Lynch obviously walked out of that match victorious.