Ricochet's Cancelled WWE Stable Plans Revealed

MVP wanted to recruit Ricochet into The Hurt Business.

Ricochet has been written off of WWE programming. This past weekend, reports circulated that the One and Only had given his notice to WWE and would be leaving the company when his contract expires later this summer. WWE wasted no time in wrapping up Ricochet's on-screen storyline, as this week's WWE Monday Night Raw saw Bron Breakker unleash a vicious onslaught onto the aerial star. Breakker attacked Ricochet throughout the backstage area and into the parking lot, throwing him into production trucks and bodyslamming him onto a car windshield. Ricochet was stretchered into an ambulance and driven out of the Huntington Center.

This angle ends Ricochet's six-year run with WWE, one that spent a significant amount of time plateauing. While Ricochet did collect a couple of midcard championships and had the odd spotlight match here and there, he never broke into the main event scene. 

Ricochet's Cancelled WWE Stable Plans Revealed

(Photo: WWE)

If one storyline pitch four years ago came to fruition, that glass ceiling might have actually began to crack.

Taking to Twitter, WWE star MVP revealed that his initial pitch for The Hurt Business included Ricochet as a key member.

"True story. When we were forming The Hurt Business, I asked for BOTH Ricochet AND Cedric Alexander," MVP wrote. "We were told we could only have one."

The original makeup of The Hurt Business was a trio of MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. The group looked to expand its ranks throughout Spring 2020 and found themselves wrapped up in a feud with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander as a result. That September, Alexander would betray Ricochet and join The Hurt Business.

"We chose Cedric because we felt he needed our association more than Ricochet did," MVP continued. "I always thought Ricky O would be a big star on his own."

The Hurt Business fizzled out in 2021. While there would be a couple of reunions teased in the subsequent years, the faction was never able to get off the ground again. 

Ricochet is expected to take his talents to All Elite Wrestling whenever his contract officially expires. There has long been a push for Ricochet to join AEW's ranks, and that desire increased tenfold when longtime friend and occasional rival Will Ospreay joined AEW full-time earlier this year. In an exclusive interview with ComicBook, Ospreay dared Ricochet to "bet on himself" when he becomes a free agent and proclaimed that he "wants to wrestle him again."

Stay tuned to ComicBook for updates on Ricochet's wrestling future.